Benefit or Performance Loan          

Amount: Up to $50,000
Please note, applicants are strongly advised to request a loan amount reflective of the organization’s capacity to take on debt.


Used for upfront capital to plan and hold a fundraising event OR cover upfront costs associated with producing a performance or series of performances.

Examples of Loan Use

  • Use the loan to cover venue costs for a fancy gala your organization is hosting.


  • Loan must be repaid by benefit proceeds or box office returns.
  • Must have two years of experience putting on a similar benefit or performance.
  • Must have an active board that participates in planning and implementing fundraising activities.
  • Must be repaid 60 days after the benefit or performance.

What you will need for the application:

  • Fully developed plan for the benefit or performance including location, performers, publicity, and an estimated number of attendees.
  • Past two years of budget to actuals and proposed budget for upcoming benefit or performance. 
  • Current year operating budget
  • Current year to date financial statements
  • Prior fiscal year end financial statement (audited statements or California Data Project reports accepted)
  • Board roster with affiliations
  •  Upload the following documents: