Quick Qualifier Loan

Amount: Up to $10,000
Please note, applicants are strongly advised to request a loan amount reflective of the organization’s capacity to take on debt.


Used to help with cash flow needs or cover program related expenses before a related grant or contract is received. Application has fewer requirements than a basic bridge loan.

Examples of Loan Use

  • Organization was awarded a grant, but does not expect to receive funding in time to cover upcoming program or general operating costs.  


  • Must be secured by a current government contract, an approved grant or other confirmed source of income
  • Pledges from individuals are excluded.
  • Confirmed sources of income cannot exceed four contracts.
  • Loan is due 30 days after each confirmed source of income is received.

What you will need for the application:

  • Current year operating budget
  • Current year to date financial statements
  • Prior fiscal year end financial statement (audited statements or California Data Project reports accepted)
  • Board roster with affiliations
  • Proof of collateral such as signed government contracts, grant award letters
  • Upload the following document