Welcome to the Arts Loan Fund!

For immediate assistance, please contact NCG’s Arts Loan Fund Consultant, Margaret Southerland at margaret(at)padmaconsulting.com. 



How it Works

Identify loan product and submit application. ALF Consultant schedules 1 hr. interview to review and discuss request. Steering Committee meets to vote on application. NCG Staff contacts you within 48 hours with a decision. If loan is approved, pick up the check!


Application Deadline

February 25, 2017 for a decision made on March 9, 2017.
2017 application deadlines can be found here.


The Arts Loan Fund, managed by Northern California Grantmakers, has loaned over $19 million in the past thirty years as a way to boost the sustainability and growth of non-profit art and cultural organizations.

Nonprofits sometimes worry that debt will signal poor financial planning to the very funders on whom they rely for grants. But that is not always the case. Funders understand that cash-flow often lags while incoming grants are pending and that performances require upfront capital. Funders formed the Arts Loan Fund for the very purpose of addressing this lag and other cash-flow crunches.

ALF loan often helps with:

  • Bridge payment of funds from school districts, government or foundations grants.
  • Upfront capital for a fundraising event.
  • Upfront costs to producing a performance, including paying artists and paying facility costs.
  • Aid in renovating a facility.
  • Debt consolidation.


Quick Facts about the Arts Loan Fund

  • Maximum loan amount is $50,000, however, the approved loan amount is determined by an organization’s capacity to take on debt.
  • Repayment rate remains over 95%, due, in part, to the understanding that pay-back enables the fund to continue supporting the arts community.
  • Current interest rate is 2.75% for “Secured” loans and 4.75% for “Unsecured Loans.”