Where can I download a new template?

All documents should be available to download from the CyberGrant website. The required documents are also available below:

How do I figure out when to pay the loan back?

  • Loans are due when the evidence of the ability to repay the loan source is received, so check with your funder to see when the money will be coming in, then enter that date in the cash flow forecast.
  • Payment should be made:
    • No later than 30 days from when the “collateral” is received for for Individual Artist, Quick Qualifier and Secured Loans.
    • No later than 60 days after the date of the benefit or performance
    • No later than 24 months from the date of loan for Opportunity Loans.

*Note: The cash flow spreadsheet checks the date you enter to see if it falls within these guidelines and prompts you if the date falls outside the guidelines.

Where do I find my “Opening Cash Balance”?

  • Look at your organization’s balance sheet for the period two months before your requested loan date.
    [Example: a loan requested for August will use the June balance sheet]
  • Add up all the amounts listed under “Cash”.
  • Enter that number as the “opening cash balance”.

What do these budget line items mean?

  • The types of expenses listed in the cash flow forecast are the same as the ones required by the California Cultural Data Project.  An explanation of each item can be found here. Add any explanatory notes in the right hand column entitled “Notes.”
  • If you have any questions about how to use these line items in your ALF application, please contact the Arts Loan Fund for assistance, not the Cultural Data Project.

Where do I list in-kind contributions?

  • Leave them out of this forecast. The ALF only needs to see cash income and expenses.

How many months of cash flow do I need to enter in the cash flow forecast spreadsheet?

  • You need to enter three months of projected Cash In and Cash Out after the proposed loan repayment date.

I need to forecast more months than the sheet shows. How do I insert more columns?

  • The cash flow forecast is protected so no columns or rows can be inserted. Contact the Arts Loan Fund to request a modified template.

You know what? I kind of like this thing. How can I save it and adapt it to my organization?

  • The spreadsheet can be saved with a new name and unlocked by selecting a tab and choosing “Tools” from the menu. Highlight “Protection => Unprotect Sheet.” Voila!