Types of Loans

The ALF provides five types of loans: Bridge, Benefit/Performance, Opportunity, Quick Qualifier, and Individual Artist.

  • Bridge Loans
    Amount: Up to $50,000

    • Must be secured by a current government contract, an approved grant or other confirmed source of income (excluding pledges from individuals).
    • Confirmed sources of income cannot exceed four contracts.
    • Written proof of the confirmed source of income must be submitted and the cash flow statements must show that the loan will be repaid in full within 30 days after each confirmed source of income is received.  

Loans up to $10,000?
These are called Quick Qualifier Loans and as such require fewer details and documentation such as cash flow projections.
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  • Benefit or Performance Loans
    Amount: Up to $30,000

    • Applicant must have two years of experience putting on a similar benefit or performance.
    • Applicant must have an active board that participates in planning and implementing fundraising activities.
    • The loan may be secured with benefit proceeds or box office returns.
    • There must be a fully developed plan for the benefit or performance that includes costs, projected income, location, performers, publicity and an estimated number of attendees.
    • Cash flow statements must indicate that the loan can be repaid from the gross proceeds.
    • The agency should estimate box office/number of anticipated attendees.
    • The loan must be repaid within 60 days of the benefit or performance.

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  • Opportunity Loans
    Amount: Up to $30,000

      • May be used for new revenue streams or cost-saving opportunities.
      • Loan repayment can be up to two years’ time.

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  • Individual Artist Loans
    Amount: Up to $10,000

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