4. how to apply

2015 Application Deadlines (applications are due by 9 pm – Pacific Standard Time)

January 13, 2015 for a decision on February 5, 2015
February 19, 2015 for a decision on March 19, 2015
March 26, 2015 for a decision on April 30, 2015
May 21, 2015 for a decision on June 18, 2015
June 25, 2015 for a decision on July 30, 2015
August 6, 2015 for a decision on September 10, 2015
September 24, 2015 for a decision on October 29, 2015
November 12, 2015 for a decision on December 10, 2015

Ready to apply for an ALF Loan?

Here are the steps, and bookmark the FAQ for answers to your application questions:

  1. Select the type of loan you wish to apply for.
  2. Gather your financials, usually including
     – Current Year Operating Budget
     – Current Year to Date Financial Statementsfor the most recently ended month
     – Prior Fiscal Year End Financial Statement (Audited statements or California Data Project reports accepted)
    and note that some types of loans require additional financials. See the individual loan application for details.
  3. Gather other documents about your organization and your request, including
     – Board Roster with affiliations
     – Proof of Collateral (such as signed contracts and grant award letters)
  4. If you are requesting a loan greater then $10,000, download and complete these two mandatory forms:
    ALF Cashflow Projection
    - Funding Report
    You may have your own versions of these documents, but you must submit this information using the official ALF templates provided.
  5. Get a resolution from your board of directors approving this application and, if approved, the loan. Here is a sample Board Resolution you can download and customize, or use your own Board resolution format as long as it takes the same actions as our sample.
  6. Complete the online application, including the upload of attachments as requested.  
    Applicants with fiscal sponsors require:
    – Year to date and most current year-end financial statements from both the applying and the sponsoring organizations, and
    – A copy of the current fiscal sponsorship agreement between the applicant and the sponsor.
  7. All applications received are reviewed by the Loan Program Specialist, who will call to conduct a phone interview with the applicant contact, executive director, or board officer. You may be asked for additional information during this review.
  8. Complete, eligible applications are forwarded to the ALF Steering Committee for their review. See the top of this page for upcoming meeting dates.
  9. Applicants are informed of the  Steering Committee decision shortly after the meeting.
  10. Once a loan application is approved, loan funds are usually available to applicants within two business days at an in-person meeting. Both the organizational leader and board officer are required to attend this meeting.